Alice studied at Birmingham's prestigious School of Jewellery, and has since stayed on, working in Birmingham's historic Jewellery Quarter, where she creates bold and beautiful kinetic jewellery featuring delicately textured coloured aluminium and silver. Alice's innovative designs display movement, simplicity and elegance. 

Petaliform showcases Alice's love for beautifully colourful structural jewellery.  Inspired by Islamic geometric patterns, as well as wonderful mathematic Spirograph™ patterns, the complex geometric patterns are broken down into simple shapes, then are layered up and domed to create a flower-like design, hence the name Petaliform.

Alice's Linear range features a stripe of coloured aluminium, curved along the sides to allow the light to play across the textured surface.  Countering the straight lines, are a set of silver circles, completing the jewellery and linking everything together.

Revolve, Alice's signature range, consists of layers of domed circular dishes, which interlock and interplay with one another.  Silver discs at the centre of each piece provide and focal point amidst the hand coloured aluminium.

A range of necklaces, earrings, brooches, cufflinks and rings all come in a wide spectrum of colours, from vibrant purples to muted greens, to icy blues.